The Wilds of Kalthys

The world of Kalthys has recently been decimated by a series of disasters. Some attribute it to the wrath of the Gods, others to a divine war; but whatever the reason the face of the world has been changed beyond all recognition. Cities have been erased from existence, seas dried or were born from the chaos, and new mountains now tower over the landscape.

For the cities the remained, the last ten years have been a constant struggle for survival. Wild animals, desperate for food now encroach on the croplands, and the predators that follow have begun to develop a taste farmers. The new landscape has also cut many villages off from any outside contact.

Many individuals, fed up with trying to scratch a living from the earth, have taken up the life of adventurer and treasure hunter. Exploring the changed landscape, delving into ruins new and old, they risk everything in the hopes of discovering massive wealth, items of power, or ancient knowledge.

Wilds of Kalthys

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